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Massage ring Unbound O-Factor A ring that is fashion forward and great for working out the kinks. Inspired by the Unbound Woman, Twiggy, this massage ring. While it can be worn discreetly beyond the boudoir, the Double Sphere Massage Ring is also designed to bring a kinky new dimension to intimate massage. The ring’s greatest pleasure-providing potential is unveiled by swiveling the polished spheres towards the palm of your hand. Brand Name: Relaxdays; Massage ring for finger massage; Material: fine silver-plated stainless steel - elastic and flexible; Adapts to each finger size - enhances. Ring. of. Shit. Every. Time. Okay, I just did another session with Vince, the fiftyyear It's not like it's rocket science, yet every time this guy comes in for a massage, Bad hygiene has destroyed their sex lives, and not even their wives have the. Play games Meditate/pray together Massage is a great way to get to know each Sometimes people have sex and they haven't even taken the time to explore. Overview Description Specification The String of Pearls Massage Ring is a String of Pearls Massage Ring. Betony Vernon. £3, GBP. Sex. Female. Size.


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