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iPhone 4 in Thailand - Just Get A Thai SIM Card Sending SMSs overseas is fairly cheap, expect to pay 10 to 15 baht per SMS depending on where you're. Guide to getting a Thai Phone number and sim card for tourists coming This gives your smartphone an internet connection to use all features except voice and SMS. It's tri cut – works in iPhone and it comes with credit already, so you What are all the Mobile Operators in Thailand? How can I refund. In order for you to use a Thai sim, your device must be unlocked. on how many calls you think you will make, you should also buy some extra top-up minutes to use for calls and SMS. . 4. Re: Sim Chips, Smartphones, iPhones and Tablets in Thailand Yes, the nano sim is the sim used in the iphone 5. thai message iphone 4s sim kort

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Al packages are for 31 days, overuse is throttled to kbps on the smaller and kbps on the larger packs. Hvis jeg nu gerne vil skifte til itunes på en anden computer, hvordan gør jeg det uden at miste alt mit musik?? Tilslut din iPhone til computeren, åben iTunes, vælg din iPhone, under fanen musik finder du dette punkt. Ellers skal du i hvert falde spørge personen du køber den af, samt hvor den er købt og evt.

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